31 March 2006

Last two days to see Trevor Sutton

At flowers central. This is a formidable exhibition of the abstract work of this contemporary artist. Well worth trying to get to.

29 March 2006

Ray Richardson exhibitions

No posts for a while as I have been on holiday to Australia. So I will be providing quite a few updates on new exhibitions etc over the next few days and this is the first.

Ray Richardson is possibly my favouite contemporary artist. His work is figurative in nature but has a distinctly cinematic feel to it. His pictures realy tell stories of modern life, especially city life, that I can identify with.

Coincidentally there are two exhibitions of his work on in london this month.

There is an exhibition of his prints on at Advanced Graphics at the moment. I am afraid I don't have dates and times - contact the gallery for details but it will be well worth it.

There is also an exhibition of his paintings at Eleven Fine Art

This is what they say:

"Leftfield is an exhibition of new paintings and by Ray Richardson that runs from 23 March to 21 April 2006.

Ray Richardson is one of the most interesting painters working in this country today. Somebody just said that painting was "back in fashion", but who said it was ever out? Saturated as we are with the images and dreamworlds of advertising and soundbites, Ray Richardson gets us to look at the world through employing the skills and methods of a traditional artist. The use of colour, the point of view, the shape and cropping of the images and the sheer visual sensation of his work underline the narrative account of each painting. The sting in the work of Ray Richardson though, is not to just look at it through the usual suspects i.e. the language of art history. Look at it as well through contemporary culture and personal experience. See and hear it too in the sounds of music from jazz to funk to punk, or in the words of James Ellroy or David Mamet and also in the cinematic flow of Martin Scorcese. Leftfield is about getting connected. It’s about being able to imagine different stories of others and of our own. And to do all of this at the start of the 21st century in the genre of painting is the biggest sting of all. Let’s get it on!"