14 March 2010

Affordable Art fair review

So I went today and thoroughly enjoyed the electic mix of work there, despite there being a number of stands I just walked straight past knowing they would not be to my taste.

Standout pieces of the show, in my opinion were by Katrin Fredriks on the future tense stand (pictured).   I think this artist is very talented and look forward to seeing more of her stuff in the future.

I also really liked a lot of the work on the Victor Felix stand, especially one work by Alex Kanevsky.

Thirdly I have always liked Vanessa Smith who exhibits with Mark Jason gallery and the works at the show were no different.

13 March 2010

Affordable Art fair this weekend

This weekend sees the affordable art fair in Battersea Park, where all artworks are under £3000.  It's a pleasant way to spend an afternoon, although it can be very busy indeed.  I also find quite a few of the stands quite dull.