20 February 2010

Case at the signal gallery


I'm not a huge fan of the photo-realist spraycan artist Case from the Maclaim crew but he does have a loyal following and I have to acknowledge the ability of the guy.  Make your own mind up by seeing his show at the signal gallery. The show is being run in conjunction with my good friend Frankie from CampBarbossa.  You should check out frankie's website if you haven't had a chance recently.  The show is on until 6 March 2010.  Details below.

Signal Gallery in association with Campbarbossa, are pleased to announce the forthcoming solo show by the renowned German artist Andreas Von Chrzanowski AKA ‘Case’.  Following on from successful solo shows in Los Angeles and his homeland, his first London show will be an exciting event. As well as producing works for the gallery, Case will be painting a number of large street pieces across East London.

Case has been producing spectacular street pieces for a decade, primarily as a founder member of the celebrated German street art group, the Maclaim Crew. Specialising in a heightened form of photorealism, several of the artists in the Clan have moved onto working individually and producing fine art works for the Gallery. Case has taken this route too, to great acclaim. Developing the pioneering photorealist spray paint style of the group further in his own works, Case has produced a series of stunning detailed paintings that have made his work much sought after by galleries and collectors alike.

In his solo show at Signal Gallery, ‘Never Odd Or Even’, Case is taking his inspiration from the fantastical world of Alice Through The Looking Glass.  This imaginative landscape, where nothing is quite what it seems to be, suits Case’s style like a glove, enabling him to let himself go with his imagery. Using characters and scenarios from the story he is able to anchor his paintings to a familiar illogical thread. Quite the equal to Lewis Carroll in his bizarre view of reality already, the combination of the two creative forces promises to produce fireworks.

Based in Frankfurt, Case studied art restoration and conservation and has a broad knowledge of art history and painting techniques. Despite this he has moved away from traditional painting mediums and is considered to be one of the leading exponents of photorealist spray painting - indeed he is credited for developing the style and methods in the first place. His work has been exhibited in galleries Internationally including several prestigious group shows here in London.  He is one of the new bright lights on the Urban Contemporary Art scene, with not only the technique to produce gallery quality works, but with a great ‘street’ reputation to boot.

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