27 January 2006

Gasworks Talks

155 Vauxhall Street, The Oval, London, SE11 5RH, UK
Tel: +44 (0)20 7587 5202 Fax: +44 (0)20 7582 0159

International Artists' Talks
Monday 6th February 7-9pm - admission free
Rosalba Mirabella (Argentina)
Saskia Holmkvist (Sweden)
Tseng Wei-Hao (Taiwan)

International emerging artists Rosalba Mirabella, Saskia Holmkvist, and Tseng Wei-Hao will give introductions to their work. The illustrated talks will cover a variety of practices including drawing, painting, video, sound art, installation and collage.

Rosalba Mirabella's distinct and highly personal graphic style is evident in various media including artists' books, drawing, mural, collage and painting. Her tragicomic work plays on our need to make meaningful stories from and links between the random events of everyday life.

Mirabella plans to transform her studio from black to white via a slow buildup of white wall drawings diarising her time in London.

Saskia Holmkvist's short videos document and unravel the means of construction of social, cultural and political understanding. In particular, she is interested in the formation of artistic identities and the presentation of contemporary cultural organisations.

Holmkvist's residency will culminate in a two-person show at Gasworks with David Blandy, entitled Represent.

Tseng Wei-Hao's work creates an interface between sound, drawing and sculpture, often using the viewer's interventions as a means of producing sounds. Using both high- and low-tech means, silent speakers and unconnected circuitry are suddenly made to produce humming or screeching sounds via charcoal drawing and sculpture.

Tseng's residency is part of an ongoing partnership with the Taipei Artist Village and the British Council, Taipei.

Talks are free of charge. For further information and bookings, please email Anna Vass or call 020 7587 5202.

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