05 February 2006

Britart Studio Sale

Ever popular art website Britart.com has another sale of studio artists work. I particularly like the works by Josie McCoy.

Here is what they say about it:

"Take a look at our studio sale, where we're offering up to 50% off original works and small editions by artists including Josie McCoy, Dan Baldwin, Angela McCaffrey and more.

If you have ever been to an artist's studio, you will find most to be wonderfully creative chaotic environments. However, like most of us, artist's tend to hoard things until they simply can't move, and we regularly get cries for help. To this end we have offered the studio sale as a permanent exhibition area on the Britart website for artists to show works they wish to offer at a discount. New offers will be updated regularly, so make sure you take a regular look at this page on the britart web site."

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