03 February 2006

What's on at the Lupe Gallery this month

Here are details of what is on at the Lupe Gallery this month. Click here to visit their website.

Sunday Shoot - Public Portraiture
Photographer and Lupe director, Seamus Ryan, continues his portrait project this Sunday at Lupe with the help of visitors to Lupe Gallery. This week’s shoot attempts to create a visual record of some of the many faces that pass thru the gallery, pining down a moment in time. It is your chance to mark your place in history, come and have your portrait taken by an award winning photographer.

It’s free to pose and everyone is welcome. All the images will be posted to Lupe Gallery’s website later in the week. Prints can then be purchased if you like what you see, it could just be the perfect Mothers Day or Valentine present. Check out the Sunday Shoot section on www.lupegallery.com for inspiration.

Introducing Two New Photographers
Lupe Gallery is delighted to introduce two new photographers - Andreas Schmidt and Maggie Taylor.

Andreas Schmidt

Self confessed lover of hallways, Schmidt has spent six years photographing the hidden spaces: hotel corridors, parking buildings, immense lobbies, oceanic ceilings, that make up the gambling Mecca of America. The images are eerily perfect and hauntingly beautiful – dawn or a neon light behind a cheap curtain, empty corridors that stretch forward forever — beyond our view, gaudy hotel lobbies or a light bulb studded ceiling…they seem to at once parody and confirm the very idea of Vegas.

Along with the signed and editioned prints, Andreas Schmidt’s book Las Vegas (publisher Hatje Cantz) is also available at Lupe Gallery.

Maggie Taylor

American artist Maggie Taylor is a veteran of some sixty solo exhibitions. Her vibrant thought provoking images lull the viewer into a sense of daydream.

Taylor begins her work at flea markets and antique fairs, collecting objects and photographs, mainly 19th century tintypes and ambrotypes, which evoke a sense of past and memory. She works intuitvely layering scanned images into a visual record of stray thoughts, feelings of anxiety and half remembered dreams. In this sense her work is autobiographical. While the images suggest intriguing narratives, the allow the viewer to respond on an individual basis.

Lupe gallery will be exhibiting a collection of Maggie Taylor’s most recent work at the Affordable Art Fair in March 2006 and directly afterwards at the gallery.

You can find both Andreas Schmidt and Maggie Taylor’s portfolios on www.lupegallery.com.

New Work by Tim Flach

While you are on the website, check out the wonderful new work by Tim Flach. Tim is currently working on a book project that will document the most exquisite and rare horses from all over the world. So far he has photographed royal Arabian horses in the Emirates, English racing thoroughbreds and native wild horses in New Zealand. The images are considered, immaculate and jaw dropping-ly beautiful.

The gallery is looking fantastic with a show of our in house photographers including Malou Ericsson, George Kavanagh, Richard Maxted, Tim Flach, Andreas Schmidt, Dr Stephen Steinberg, Stuart Redler and Julia Fullerton-Batten.

We look forward to seeing you at the Columbia Road Flower Market on Sunday from 10am to 3pm. Alternatively you are welcome to come down during the week during normal business hours, just give us a call and we would be happy to arrange a time.

Kind regards,

Emma Whitlock
Assistant Manager
Lupe Gallery
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London E2 7RH

Tel: 020 7613 5576
Fax: 020 7613 2287

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