12 February 2006

Paul Hosking exhibition at Fred, London

FRED is delighted to present the first London solo exhibition by Paul Hosking. Hoskings makes sculptures, mobiles and objects alongside a series of "light Drawings". For these drawings Hosking etches around his own body parts directly onto perspex with an engraving tool. The resulting images are then illuminated through coloured filters thus producing a multi-coloured shadow play.

Using a disarmingly simplistic approach, Hosking’s sculptures are essentially derived from ready-mades. For this exhibition, he has used joke shop plastic bones, which he has then cast into large starbursts in resin and aluminium Bones appear as 0palentological traces of past life re-interpreted through the American pop art language of the ready-made.

Hosking has also employed motors to make a series of wall and ceiling mounted mobiles. A series of bottles of pure pigments slowly rotate along one wall of the gallery, while a suspended pile of rusty bones hang from the ceiling gently turning. Hosking uses these devices to comment on the ephemeral and temporal, as the bottles gradually rotate the pigments form into solid balls, marking the passage of time.

In these works Hosking gathers together a glut of visual references. The “light Drawings” centralise drawing as a representation of the human mark or impulse. The works also reference what humans leave behind: the joke plastic bone becomes both a momento-mori and a transformed piece of modern day waste.

Paul Hosking graduated from Goldsmiths in 1999, his recent exhibitions include Three From Britain, Nevada University Las Vegas, New Works, Galerie Leme, Sao Paulo, The Contemporary Art Society Economist Sculpture Plaza Commission and All Boys Curated by Gary Webb, Belgium. He lives and works in London. His work can be found in National and International private collections.

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